Industrial washing

Our experience tells us, that there are differences in routines and methods in industrial washing. The differences that may be experienced could be in e.g. shrinkage and colour.

PRO Wear by ID®

The PRO Wear by ID® line is developed and tested for industrial washing. Below we have passed on some useful advice based on many years of experience which may contribute to optimal use and durability.

The following instructions are only a guide and serves as a supplement to our clients' own experiences.

  • Do not apply bleaching and chemicals with optical brighteners on coloured products. Effective chemicals incl. chlorine, disinfectants and optical brighteners can reduce life time and influence quality/appearance of fabrics and accessories.

  • The indicated type and dosage from the supplier of chemicals must be followed closely.
    Textiles should always be sorted/washed according to type and colour.

  • All garments should be washed at least once before taken into use. This is important due to chemical residues and excess dye from production of fabrics and to inevitable shrinkage (also for "pre-shrunk" products). Also to minimize possible surplus fibres/fuzzing from fleece and sweat products which are brushed inside, which disappears after 2-5 washes.

  • Wash the garments with the inside out and close zippers and velcro.

  • Avoid "over drying". Choose the correct drying temperature according to the fibre type of the garment.

  • Remember that polyester dries faster than cotton, e.g. fleece products.  

  • Steamer (tunnel) drying may influence fit/shape and shrinkage pattern. Carry out own test to clarify possible effects from the drying method. Steam must be added to avoid “over drying.”

How to extend the durability of logos:

  • It is important to choose logo quality and type (print/transfer, embroidery) considering the use and washing/drying method of the garment.

  • The wash instruction in the care label on the clothes also applies for the logo.

  • Harsh chemicals such as bleach etc. can affect the logo in wash.

Other ID® products in industrial washing:
Other ID® products besides PRO Wear by ID® are used in industrial washing. However, it is very important to follow the instructions on the care label for such products. Especially for chemicals, temperatures and drying methods there are certain limitations which must be observed.

ID® cannot assume any responsibility for complaints arising from inappropriate use and/or washing of our products.By any complaints, please provide 3-5 samples + information about the production number from the carelabel inside, extent/volume and a copy of the washing process and chemical prescription.

Download washing instructions here


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