Fleece for women and men

Fleece is becoming increasingly fashionable, and lately, fleece sweaters have become a must-have in the wardrobe. Throughout history, fleece has been widely used for activities like hunting and fishing by outdoor enthusiasts. 

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Fleece is practical, warm and insulating. A fleece sweater can be used as a middle layer, an outer layer on its own. All our fleece products are soft, warm, light, breathable and quick-drying.
At id.dk, you can browse a large selection of fleece cardigans, fleece sweaters, fleece vests and fleece jackets for women and men. Our wide range of fleecewear allows you to find exactly what you’re looking for.

You can find fleecewear with or without a hood, close-fitting wrist cuffs and/or internal cord adjusters for optimal protection against wind and drafts.
All our fleecewear is made from high-quality materials and possess a variety of different functional properties. We carry soft knitted fleece, microfleece, quilted fleece and fleece particularly suited for active wear.
At id.dk, we also sell our practical Zip'n'Mix microfleece or Zip'n'Mix melange fleece, both of which can be combined with a Zip'n'Mix shell jacket for extra warmth.

"Which fleece sweater should I choose?"

Our range includes both warm and light fleece jackets, sweaters, cardigans and vests for women and men. But what’s the right fleecewear for you?

When choosing your new fleecewear, there are two things in particular you should pay attention to: the quality and thickness of the fleece, as these two factors are often related. The higher the quality and thicker a fleece sweater is, the more thermally insulating it is. Checking the gram weight is one way to determine how thick a fleece sweater is compared to its counterparts. The higher the weight, the thicker the fleece, which provides better insulation.

In general, fleece comes in three different thicknesses, of which the thinnest quality is particularly suited for physical activity. Medium thickness fleece what most people use in general, as it has a high level of insulation with lots of flexibility. The thickest quality is perfect for cold weather - on ski holidays, for instance - or if you want to use a fleece jacket as transitional wear. 

Benefits of fleece

Fleece sweaters aren’t just for winter. A fleece sweater is also a must-have during the other three seasons. Here are some advantages of fleece sweaters

  • Fleece is heat-insulating, making it a perfect middle layer under your jacket.
  • Fleece is a soft and light material that doesn’t restrict your movement.
  • Fleece is a breathable material that keeps you warm even when you’re sweating.
  • Fleece is easy to wash. Some of our fleecewear can be washed at up to 60 degrees.

Soft fleece is a great choice for a comfortable sweater you can wear around the home on your day off. A fleece sweater is also brilliant for gardening.

Choose fleece for outdoor activities

In addition to fleece jackets having a high insulating capacity and being soft and comfortable to wear in cold weather, thin fleece sweaters are also perfect for physically strenuous activities. The light and soft material gives you supreme comfort and freedom of movement.

Are you the sporty type? You can wear a fleece sweater or fleece vest for outdoor physical activities. Throwing on a fleece vest along with a light running jacket for a run is a popular combo, especially in the transition months where the weather can be fickle. Fleece is a breathable material, which means that it keeps you warm and dry even if you break a sweat.

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