Shirts for business, leisure or evening events. Seven Seas Copenhagen by ID® carries an extensive range of ready-to-wear shirts both for men and women for any occasion.

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Quality materials

Comfortable fit, innovative
design and quality materials have
been our focus since the beginning.

Non-Iron and Easy Care

Make everyday life easier
with wrinkle-free shirts that
require minimal to no ironing.

Four collar types

Choose between shirts
with four different collar types
for everyday use and more
formal occasions.

Shirts, polo shirts and more

Seven Seas by ID® offers
nice fits with everything from shirts
and polo shirts to knitwear, T-shirts
and coats.

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Shirts that makes your everyday life easier

Easy Care

Several Seven by ID® Seas shirts are in Easy-Care quality and require minimal ironing. To achieve the best result, the shirt should be ironed after washing before it is completely dry. The shirts can also be tumble-dried at low heat and afterwards placed on a hanger. 

Non Iron

The majority of Seven Seas by ID® shirts are Non-Iron. This means that they require minimal or no ironing. After washing and possibly tumble drying at low heat, hang the shirt to naturally dry on the hanger and it is ready for use.


Guide | Know your collar


A shirt collar is not just a collar. But what type of collar is the right for you? Below we will guide you to find your perfect collar style that makes you feel good.

Cut-away flip

A cutaway collar is a bold and modern style choice and the collar emerged in the 1930s. The cut-away collar is particularly suitable for ties and is also considered as one of the more formal collar types.  

Kent flip

The Kent collar is a real all-rounder, which should find its place in every well-assorted wardrobe. Often the Kent collar is called the Windsor collar, it is distinguished by a slightly broader shape that provides a more modern look.

Regular flip

A touch of fashionable extravagance – the collar tips of the regular collar are more widely spread than those of the Kent collar making it the perfect companion for wider tie knots. No matter the occasion - the regular collar is the right choice. 

Botton-down flip

The button-down collar was introduced in England during the 1800s to help polo players keep their collars in place. For those looking for a smart look for business or leisurewear, the button-down collar is the perfect solution.  

Corporate wear

More than sportswear

Passion for shirts

Made to last

Timeless Corporate Wear

Corporate Wear with a classic
and timeless design, refined
since 1983

Common identity

Clothes that highlight a common
identity and promote a sense
of community

Find your colour

Choose from 60+ colours
there is definitely one
for you

No compromise

Designed to be worn again
and again – keeps its shape
and colour

Report on CSR, cf. Section 99 a" of the Danish Financial Statements Act. BCI cotton ID® Responsibility report 2023/2024. View here