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We document our actions and choices. That is why you can
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A world of choices

Environmental responsibility

It is the goal of ID® to minimise our own environmental impact and that of our suppliers. This is a continuing effort which we develop year on year.

Social responsibility

We continuously work on CSR in a targeted manner and take responsibility for our impact on the people who make the clothing – from raw materials to finished product.

Certificates and memberships

The fact that ID® has received a number of product certifications and is a member of numerous organisations and initiatives is your guarantee of a clear conscience.

The UN Sustainable Development Goals

ID® supports the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. We have chosen to mainly work with six of the 17 goals – in exactly those areas where we believe we can make the greatest difference.

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37% less printing

Our target is to improve and reduce our consumption of the world’s resources. In 2020, we reduced our production of paper materials by a full 37%.

We do not pack air

In 2019, we implemented a warehouse packing robot. The robot ensures that our boxes are packed in accordance with their contents – so we do not ship empty space.

12% less waste

In 2020, we reduced our waste amount by more than 12%.

Member of BCI

ID® is a proud member of the Better Cotton Initiative. We are committed to sourcing 25% of our cotton as 'more sustainable cotton' by 2023.

We are proud member of 
Better Cotton Initiative

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Let us help with logo printing

Add your company’s logo to your corporate wear for enhanced effect. We assist with the application. It is easy, fast and time-saving.

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Corporate wear

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Timeless Corporate Wear

Corporate Wear with a classic
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since 1983

Common identity

Clothes that highlight a common
identity and promote a sense
of community

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Choose from 60+ colours
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No compromise

Designed to be worn again
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