Add your company’s logo to your corporate wear for enhanced effect. We assist with the application.

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Why choose ID® Service to apply prints to the company?

Professional consultancy

We advise on profile prints and help with
everything from design proposal and proofing
to guidance on the use on various textiles.

Easy, fast and time-saving

With ID®, the order is all in one place,
saving you time and administration. Order
as few as 50 pcs. with an attractive unit price.

Fast delivery time

It will take a maximum of 14 days from
approved proof to order despatch – and the
delivery time will often be even shorter.

Quality worthy of your name

Everything is managed in a flexible and efficient
order system that improves product quality
and security of supply.

Mini guide – choose the right profile print

Choosing a profile print depends on the look the customer wants and the material the print will be applied to ⤵

1. Transfer

We manufacture the foil transfer separately and apply it to the textile using a heat press. There are various types of transfers, such as water-based, standard, colourstop, polyamide and digital.

2. Embroidery

Embroidery gives the garment an extra shimmer of exclusivity and elegance. The sharp colours of the durable polyester thread withstand boiling washing and retain their sheen for most of the textile’s lifespan.

3. Direct printing

In direct printing, liquid dyes are printed directly onto the textile. This method offers a high level of detail and colour variation, making it suitable for use on both natural and synthetic textiles.

Overview: Benefits and use of the three types of profile print

Which profile print to choose and what are the benefits, respectively, of transfer, embroidery and direct print? 
Read more about these issues below.


• The most durable method
• Suitable for commercial washing
• The transfer is extremely stretchable
• Colours follow the Pantone (PMS) scale


• Inhibits colour bleed-through
• Ideal for jackets and outerwear
• Suitable for normal home washing
• Colours follow the Pantone (PMS) scale


• Applied at lower temperature
• A more stretchable transfer
• Used on very smooth and thin surfaces
• Colours follow the Pantone (PMS) scale


• Used for logo files with many finer details, colours and transitions
• Reproduced photographically
• There will be a black and white outline around this transfer
• Suitable for normal home washing


• Exclusive and elegant look
• Typically used on shirts and jackets
• Ideal for the product types that cannot be printed
• Price depends on the number of stitches

Direct printing

• Very rough and rustic look
• Ensures excellent breathability where the print is placed
• Suitable for smooth tight-knit or woven fabrics
• Often the cheapest method, especially for large quantities

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