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EU Ecolabel | Better for the environment & better for you

We want to make a difference for the people we work with. That's why we have introduced the PRO Wear CARE collection, which is EU Ecolabel certified. The EU Ecolabel indicates that the product has been manufactured with a low environmental impact.

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What is the story behind EU Ecolabel?


Watch the video and follow the EU Ecolabel journey, from the cotton fields to the sustainable end product.

Discover EU Ecolabel certified styles

From plastic bottles & responsible
cotton for sustainable textiles

When you choose products with the EU Flower, you are helping to make a difference. High demands are placed on both design, materials and quality, as the product must also maintain a long lifespan.

Responsible cotton

We have chosen to use responsibly manufactured cotton for our PRO Wear CARE range. The raw cotton is tested for pesticides before it is processed further. The EU Ecolabel requires regular production testing, documentation and traceability in contrast to the use of conventional organic cotton.

Educated farmers

The cotton is produced by farmers who are trained to cultivate the soil optimally with the least possible use of chemicals with the optimal use of water. The excellent quality of the cultivated cotton is crucial for future cotton production.

Recycled polyester

In production, post-consumer plastic is used, which is recycled plastic collected from end-users. Through a unique process, recycled plastic bottles, for example, are transformed into recycled polyester, which helps to reduce carbon emissions in order to protect our environment.

No toxic chemicals

Ecolabelling Denmark approves every single dye and chemical used for EU Ecolabelled products. There are requirements for the biodegradability of chemicals, and with a focus on biodiversity, the variety and variability of nature is ensured.


Minimal pollution

The amount of wastewater discharge and air pollution emission in connection with production processes is measured in production facilities, so the discharge and emission can be checked and documented continuously.


Social responsibility

Social and environmental responsibility is a key aspect of our production processes. We only collaborate with suppliers who are approved and audited in accordance with the EU Ecolabel criteria and comply with ID®’s principles of social, environmental and ethical responsibility.

We care for the environment

The EU Ecolabel sets requirements for compliance with basic environmental principles regarding the handling of chemicals, water, waste and energy, and therefore we only cooperate with suppliers approved by Ecolabelling Denmark.


Responsible end product

When choosing EU Ecolabelled products, you are helping to make a difference. These products meet stringent requirements regarding their design, materials and quality to ensure a long product lifetime and a circular life cycle.

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Report on CSR, cf. Section 99 a" of the Danish Financial Statements Act. BCI cotton ID® Responsibility report 2023/2024. View here