Requirements for the certification and labelling of GOTS products | Download guide here

Global Organic Textile Standard

ID® offers organic GOTS-certified products – made from min. 95% organic fibres.  


Make a difference

The Global Organic Textile Standard is recognised as the world’s leading standard for organic textiles. In April 2020, we launched our first GOTS-certified products.

Transparency is the key word

GOTS does not only affect how we make the products, but also how the farmers grow the cotton as well as the consumer’s experience and use of the product. Transparency in the three stages is the key word for achieving this.

On the farm

The farmers have the freedom to choose what they want to grow. The fields are cultivated in a way that makes them sustainable in the long term. The organic cotton is grown next to fields that provide food for the farmers. 

Dangerous pesticides are banned in organic cotton production, making it safer for farmers. All chemical substances must meet strict environmental and health standards.

The use of energy and water is minimised, and when growing organic cotton, up to 94 % less greenhouse gas is emitted.     

On the factory

All factories are regularly inspected and certified according to strict CSR criteria, which means there’s no forced labour or child labour.  

Both in-house at ID® and at our manufacturers, we continuously work to improve working conditions and the freedom to choose employers based on our Code of Conduct.

 Based on our environmental policy, the criteria for the use of chemicals, energy, water and waste are met, which helps protect the environment and workers.

On your skin

The GOTS certification covers all stages of the supply chain. Transparency throughout the supply chains is a requirement, and everything must be documented and approved via GOTS’s controllers.   

 Allergenic, carcinogenic or toxic chemical residues are not allowed in clothes that are GOTS certified. GOTS also sets criteria for the technical quality of the textiles, with parameters for colour fastness and shrinkage.    

Only trust GOTS products with Logo +  License no. These can be verified in the GOTS database here.  

A behind-the-scenes look at GOTS

GOTS is the world’s leading standard in textiles made from organic fibres. But what is actually behind the GOTS certification? And why should you, as a user, in good conscience choose GOTS-certified styles? Turn the sound on and hear more in the video below.

Organic & GOTS certified styles

Corporate wear

More than sportswear

Passion for shirts

Made to last

Timeless Corporate Wear

Corporate Wear with a classic
and timeless design, refined
since 1983

Common identity

Clothes that highlight a common
identity and promote a sense
of community

Find your colour

Choose from 60+ colours
there is definitely one
for you

No compromise

Designed to be worn again
and again – keeps its shape
and colour

Report on CSR, cf. Section 99 a" of the Danish Financial Statements Act. BCI cotton ID® Responsibility report 2022/2023. View here